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name: ~ sebastian

nick: ~ meehsan

school: ~ kreis gymnasium heinsberg

date of birth: ~ 20.06.88

place of birth: ~ heinsberg

sex: ~ male

height: ~ 179 cm

color of hair: ~ black

color of eyes: ~ green to brown

favourite color: ~ black, dark red, dark blue

music i like: ~ all kinds of metal, goth, darkwave, rock

music i dislike: ~ most parts of hip hop/pop/schlager/etc.

things i like: ~ music, silence, darkness, snow,coffee

things i dislike: ~ poser, kiddies, some other people,too much noise, untrustworthyness

characteristic signs: ~ making jokes about everything, being strange

words: ~ i love you more than words could say.

Alter: 29
aus: 12345 ohne Ende

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